Accelerating SharePoint Mobile Development

Slalom Consulting—Jon Allegre

Jon Allegre is a Solution Architect for Slalom Consulting. Jon’s focus is on delivering solutions and strategies around mobility (iOS, Android, mobile HTML5), user experience, and alternative application hosting models (AWS, Azure).

Liberate Your Content

The amount of structured and unstructured content in the Enterprise is ever increasing and it is a challenge for organizations to manage and access this content. Numerous systems and tools are used by organizations to store, manage and surface corporate information to users. Microsoft SharePoint is a popular choice for a majority of the world’s largest businesses, enabling these activities for tens of millions of users.

A second phenomena occurring in today’s businesses is the mobilization of the workforce and the need to access this content from anywhere, from any device, whether connected to the Internet or offline. From the sales person or field worker to the executive on the go, there is considerable need for employees to have access to the most up to date content that pertains to their role in the organization.

Furthermore, to make the information useful, it must be delivered in a meaningful way to the end user. In some cases, this may mean a need in delivering the content to the end user in a rich, compelling experience versus simply allowing them to browse to the location of the content and viewing it. Read more of this post


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