Delivering on the Demand for Mobile BI

Slalom Consultant Kelvin Kwong

Slalom Consultant Kelvin Kwong, based in San Francisco, delivers Business Intelligence solutions.

The Emergence of Mobile BI

Mobile BI provides an exciting new platform for the delivery of data to mobile audiences. Rather than replace existing reporting platforms, it seeks to extend reporting capabilities beyond the consumer’s desk. It is ideally suited for the delivery of time-sensitive information in support of real-time decision making. Important decisions do not always crop up at convenient times, and mobile BI is poised to remove such limitations.

While mobile BI is certainly not a new concept, recent developments have driven it to maturity and rapid adoption. The ubiquity of faster, more powerful smartphones in the enterprise has enabled reporting capabilities that rival some desktop BI functionality. As a result, most major BI platform vendors, and some third-party vendors as well, have developed or are developing software to take full advantage of these capabilities on mobile platforms.

The Promise of Mobile BI

The latest mobile BI technologies seek to move beyond simply Read more of this post


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