Building Talent at Slalom

“To be the champion of your customer, you must first be the champion of your own people.”
—Sr. Richard Branson

Talent: The Starting Gate

There are many talent challenges facing organizations today, like retention, engagement, and knowledge transfer. A strong company culture helps Slalom Consulting navigate many of these challenges; our consultants are experienced, passionate people and our employee value proposition enables us to attract and retain the best consultants in the industry. But like many growing companies, we want to ensure that we’re investing in our talent, developing leaders for the future, and keeping our skills on the cutting edge.

Slalom Consulting—Nicola Russell

Nicola Russell is the Director of Slalom’s Talent Management group, which exists to develop and grow Slalom employees via innovative learning, career, and leadership development solutions. She is based in Seattle.

Our company’s success rests on our consultants’ knowledge, skills, and abilities, and our leaders believe strongly that our people are our greatest asset. Nurturing that talent is the driving purpose of Slalom’s talent strategy; in all we do, we strive to enable our consultants to grow professionally and provide ever greater value and service to our clients. To that end, Slalom recently formed a Talent Management team to focus on employee development, including talent selection, learning, career development, leadership, and performance management.

We’re building many of our programs and initiatives from the ground up, and in this blog series we’ll share the lessons we’re learning along the way about the importance of managing and growing talent- the last great competitive frontier. Read more of this post


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