What is Data Science and Why Should I Care?

Slalom Consulting - Raphael Miller

Raphael Miller is a Data Scientist and Mobile Application Developer with Slalom Consulting's National Mobility Team. Raphael designs and develops innovative mobile and data solutions for clients.

Let’s start with the second question first. Why should you care? You should care about data science because data is quickly becoming one of the most sought after commodities in business world. The data the companies are currently storing has the potential to create new insights into new business opportunities. Data science is the art of using the data to discover those new opportunities and insights into your business. Your fellow competitors are already using data science to gain an edge over you and your business model. They have begun performing “experiments” on their data in an attempt to assemble new ways to better position themselves in the market. And, if you are a direct competitor, these companies may have even used some data analysis to better understand your business as well. Read more of this post


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