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Denis Farmer is Managing Director of Slalom Consulting's Financial Services Network.

Denis Farmer

New Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations are creating both challenges and opportunities for financial institutions such as retail banks and credit unions. While some may strive only to meet the regulations, chief compliance officers that go beyond can transform compliance investments into an engine for business value creation.

Learn how credit unions and retail banks can take steps now to develop a strategic and effective complaint management solution that includes both the compliance and marketing departments. As a result, they can meet CFPB regulations as well as tap into the opportunities and insights gleaned from customer and member data.

Innovating Today’s Insurance Industry

Slalom Consultant Denis Farmer

Denis Farmer

With the continued growth of motorcycle insurance for property and casualty (P&C) insurance companies, it’s more critical than ever for carriers to develop sophisticated products that ensure long-term profitability and market competitiveness. To meet this need, Slalom Consulting has developed a flexible Motorcycle Symbol File, specifically designed to help improve products, pricing, underwriting, and the loss experience for insurance carriers that offer insurance for motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATVs. Read more of this post

Forecasting the 2011 Employment Market

Slalom Consultant Denis Farmer

Slalom Client Service Partner Denis Farmer helps clients in the financial services industry win on their most strategic initiatives.

We had a couple of requests for topics from our readers that we will cover with our next two posts.  Thanks for the feedback, and keep the ideas coming!

One of the requests was to address the issue of whether current unemployment is primarily cyclical or structural, which we will examine in this post. The other was to address inflation, which we will examine in our next post.

Cyclical vs. Structural Unemployment

Is the economy’s inability to generate enough new jobs to lower the unemployment rate a structural or cyclical issue?  This is the kind of question we love to work on!

First, the basics.  The structural camp proposes that some underlying factors of the market have shifted, and Read more of this post

Quarterly Economic Review

Slalom Consultant Denis Farmer

Slalom Client Service Partner Denis Farmer helps clients in the financial services industry win on their most strategic initiatives.

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the quarterly Economic Review.  The intent of this publication is raise awareness about some of the key issues and trends in the economy and to encourage debate and discussion.

Each quarter we will provide a National Economic Review, providing key national economic news from the prior quarter.  In part 2 of this month’s publication we will also examine what the rules to be written for the financial industry regulations recently passed might indicate about future legislation to come from the next Congress.

We welcome your comments and observations, as the debate is more valuable than the prose on the page!

- Denis & Andrew


Slalom Consultant Andrew Houston

Slalom Consultant Andrew Houston is an experienced Finance and Strategy consultant with more than 15 years of experience working with leaders across a broad variety of industries to define and implement solutions to key business issues.

Jobs, jobs, jobs…the October jobs report puts the official national unemployment rate at 9.6%.  Celebrated by some was the creation of 151,000 jobs in the month, the first significant increase since the Census inflated job reports of May.  Consensus forecasts are for similar numbers in the months ahead.  Sounds good doesn’t it?!

Unfortunately, buried in the same jobs report was another ominous record, 1.2 million “discouraged workers”.  To be counted as unemployed, you must be looking for a job.  If you have grown weary of the job search and decide to just stay home and maybe watch the endless number of Family Guy re-runs available, then you are not counted as “unemployed” but rather as “discouraged”.  An improving job market generally draws back these discouraged workers into the ranks of the unemployed.  This record pool of discouraged workers could make it difficult to actually decrease the unemployment number, even with moderate Read more of this post


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