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Slalom Consultant Jeff Northcutt

Slalom Consultant Jeff Northcutt is an accomplished marketing consultant with over 10 years of consulting experience focused on marketing related programs and delivering on marketing strategies and campaigns for enterprise clients.

Yesterday I was following a fascinating social media story which I think is worth sharing. In a nutshell: just after midnight Wednesday night Samsung was accused of installing “keylogging” software on its products that can secretly track passwords and other sensitive information by recording keystrokes as they are typed. Over the course of 12 hours (majority overnight, no less) the story was shared nearly 5000 times via various social media outlets.

Relatively small impact, but the timing, series of events, and the way it was shared (or not) is what I found  most interesting.  Samsung was cleared of any wrong-doing, and the anti-virus company responsible for the false positive made a formal apology for the mistake before noon the same day, still it raises a few interesting questions, which you’ll find at the end of my post. But let’s start at the beginning….

During my morning scan of Facebook, I saw a link posted by a friend of mine that caught my attention: Read more of this post


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