Introduction to SharePoint Branding

Slalom Consultant Tracey Nolte

Slalom Consultant Tracey Nolte is a SharePoint User Experience engineer who enjoys designing and developing engaging, intuitive and beautiful sites for companies of every size.

During, my presentation at SharePoint Saturday in Dallas. I talked on a very high level about Branding SharePoint. Below is a link to my slide deck, but I’ll also reiterate it in snippets below.

Click here to download Tracey’s complete slide deck as a PDF: Introduction to Sharepoint Branding.

The first concept is UX/IA, which stands for User Experience Information Architecture.

A way to approach design …

  • defines users motivations, needs, wants and pain points
  • designs interactive /iterative solutions with users
  • delivers a clean site with intuitive navigation, logical taxonomy and an engaging BRANDED user experience

Branding is is the artful process of combining:

  • Logos
  • Colors
  • Style
  • Information
  • Culture
  • Design

Click here to download the entire presentation.


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