Installing Sybase Unwired Platform in AWS Part 2 – Installation

This is second in a series of posts by Jesse which he calls “Unwiring the Enterprise—Slalom Experiments in the Cloud” about deploying the Sybase Unwired Platform in the Amazon Web Services environment.

Slalom Consultant Jesse Anarde

Slalom Consultant Jesse Anarde is an experienced developer, DBA, and BI specialist who is a resident expert on the Sybase Unwired Platform with Slalom Consulting's National Mobility team.

Once you’ve configured Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accommodate the licensing requirements of the Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP)—for more about this, if you haven’t already you may want to read my previous post, Installing Sybase Unwired Platform in AWS Part 1 – Licensing—you’re ready to install.

Assumptions: This installation assumes that you are deploying SUP 2.0, onto a m1.large Amazon Machine Image (AMI) running Windows 2008 Server R2.

SUP is essentially a set of several Sybase products that work together to provide a series of interfaces and services to help facilitate rapid mobile application integration.  There are three components to SUP: The Unwired Server, the Data Tier, and the Unwired Workspace. Each of these requires specific port access for both internal and external functions. These port requirements introduce a certain amount of complexity when preparing an SUP installation in the cloud and it is easy to get lost in the morass of security tiers and port dependencies.

Let’s start with the required Read more of this post


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