SharePoint 2010 FBA and Claims

Slalom Consulting Justin Fentress

Slalom Consultant Justin Fentress specializes in designing and developing SharePoint and .NET solutions.

For one of my clients, the need arose the have an implementation of SharePoint 2010 be externally available to allow access to both internally authenticated and externally authenticated users. Without spending a lot of time diving into the requirements, the implementation entailed the SharePoint farm living on an external domain; Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) was setup to allow access to internal users, and Forms Based Authentication (FBA) was implemented to authenticate external users.

While ADFS is not the focus of this blog and, while I was not involved in its implementation, I will say that from my understanding it is simply a link to a specified activity directory, with some limitations. And what I mean by limitations is: Read more of this post


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