Dynamics CRM 2011 Report Development using FetchXML

Slalom Consultant Jayson Goldinger

Jayson Goldinger is a Slalom Consultant based in Denver, CO, and a member of the Slalom National CRM practice. His work revolves around Microsoft Dynamics CRM including configuration, customization, report development, and integration. He is also recognized as a Scribe MVP.

The inability to have custom reports was one of the biggest drawbacks of Dynamics CRM online when it was first released. Fortunately Microsoft has addressed this issue in the release of Dynamics CRM 2011. However, there is one small catch. The catch is that you have to use FetchXML (which is a proprietary query language that is used in Microsoft Dynamics CRM) for your SRS report query.

In my opinion one of the most powerful features of reporting in Dynamics CRM is the ability to use Advanced Find to “pre-filter” the data sent to the report. As a report writer of a number of years, I was always frustrated by the moving target of parameters that a user might request. When you get more than two or three, the report becomes a little difficult for the end user to use. By taking advantage of the “pre-filtering” with Dynamics CRM and Advanced Find the options of parameters become almost infinite and as a developer I only need to worry about one thing–setting up the option of “pre-filtering” in my report. It may seem like a difficult task but it is actually quite simple. I’ll walk through the steps. Read more of this post


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