The Coming Storm – SharePoint 2010

Slalom Consultant Derek Martin

Slalom Consultant Derek Martin is an accomplished Microsoft systems developer and integrator, experienced in developing and deploying SharePoint and CRM solutions, integrating line of business applications, and leveraging existing infrastructure investments.

It comes as no surprise that I’m excited about SP2010.  MOSS 2007 was an amazing product which introduced many great new features.  But like most things Microsoft, it typically takes a version or so to iron out the kinks and get it just right (think Windows Vista to Windows 7).  SP2010 is no exception, however, I believe that the code jockeys in Redmond have done an overwhelmingly superb job at refining SharePoint for its 2010 offering.

The basic set of features remain mostly unchanged in their function with the exception of a VERY nice (and HTML compliant) facelift.  You’ll still find lists and libraries.  However, what you will find different is the innate ability to customize EVERYTHING out of the box.  In SPS2010, darn near everything is an InfoPath form.  More basically – darn near everything is a collection of XML and XSL.  My friend Tanner would tell you that Microsoft’s implementation of XML and XSL to create InfoPath is disgustingly ugly, but true to Microsoft form, they have ‘embraced and extended’ it to a higher degree of function.  Most Office folks that are running SP2010 will have InfoPath client available to them and so customizing the forms is as simple as editing a Word document.

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