Slalom launches new USOC Pressbox on SharePoint 2010

Joe Davey shares this exciting news in the following guest post…

Slalom redesigned the PressBox in collaboration with Microsoft for the U.S. Olympic Committee, utilizing SharePoint 2010, Silverlight, and integrating current social media tools. This portal is the generally available to the public, however, the magic is in the capabilities it brings to the media. A “virtual press room”, the PressBox gives journalists a truly rich experience and real-time access to athlete information – with broader event coverage, live Twitter feeds, and more comprehensive article lists and featured news.

Some features of the new site are:

  • Interactive article/athlete view and search tools
  • Athlete information presented on interactive “cards”
  • Twitter feeds, Facebook links and the ability to share content using the latest social media tools
  • Article editing tools that enable content authoring and formatting by members of the press and national governing bodies
  • Resource lists such as phone, contacts, file downloads, pictures and video

Check out the PressBox online at:

– Joe Davey

About Joel Forman
Joel Forman is a Solution Architect at Slalom Consulting and specializes in cloud computing and the Windows Azure Platform.

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