More on iPad in the Enterprise

Slalom Consultant Greg Martin

Greg Martin is a member of the Slalom National Mobility team which incubates emerging technology solutions in areas such as mobility, user experience and alternative application hosting.

I’ve been quoted in the SF Chronicle in a recent article discussing iPad in the enterprise:

Slalom Consulting, which builds software for enterprise clients, has preordered several iPads. The company plans to use them not only to help develop applications for the device, but also to present information to clients during meetings.

“We demo a lot of things on our handset, but it’s not a great experience,” said Greg Martin. “It’ll be good to use the iPad as a demonstration and presentation tool.”

Read more:

The conversation we had went more in depth and we covered many of the points I made in my earlier post, such as how I feel that, due to the existence of the SDK on launch day, the iPad has a leg up on the iPhone from an enterprise perspective.

– Greg

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