Visual Studio 2010 Online Templates

Slalom Consultant Derek Martin

Slalom Consultant Derek Martin is an accomplished Microsoft systems developer and integrator, experienced in developing and deploying SharePoint and CRM solutions, integrating line of business applications, and leveraging existing infrastructure investments.

I haven’t normally taken a lot of stock for ‘online template’ repositories.  In Office, what promised to be a great feature introduced in the 2007 iteration on Office Online faded into a small collection of meager ‘I could have done that in 5 seconds’ templates and never any fresh new content.  In Visual Studio 2008, I think there was a feature for this but never saw anything of interest in there.  With the release of VS2010, however, I may have found a new friend!

Open up VS 2010 and go to File/New/Project.  At the bottom of the list of types is the Online Templates category.  Clicking into that retrieves a nice little collection of very useful templates that I hope continue to be expanded on and refined.  Here’s my favorites so far:

  1. An MVC OpenID web site starter
  2. An IE 8 Accelerator starter
  3. A Silverlight based Windows Gadget
  4. A WCF REST Template
  5. A Twitter screensaver
  6. A notification area sample app for WPF

None of these are earth shattering, but if you look at some of these as stubs for new ideas, as I tend to dream things up before they are actually needed, quite a bit of fun could be had.  Here’s a challenge for me – I’d like to pair some of these with my new found love for Windows Azure.  A great example – the Windows Azure / FaceBook SDK I tweeted about yesterday could be recreated with both an Accelerator (MS already made one) and a Windows Gadget.  Or, something more unique – use the same SDK and build up a new WCF REST service for FaceBook (they probably already have one though).

Anyways – good mental exercise if you are interested.

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