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Slalom Consultant Marc Schuricht

Slalom Consultant Marc Schuricht is a Denver based software Solution Architect with over 12 years of professional experience in IT projects ranging from configuration and change management to custom enterprise application development.

Me too!  SharePoint is still a memory hog, which is why I don’t want the SharePoint services running on my developer workstation constantly when I’m trying to develop a WPF application, or write a proposal or … whatever.  There are a couple things we can do to reduce the overhead of SharePoint on my workstation so it does not suck up every last bit of available RAM.

  1. Throttle the RAM usage of SQL Server
  2. Isolate your Dev SQL Server instance from your SharePoint Instance
  3. Turn off Services in use by SharePoint

The easiest thing to do is to throttle your SQL Memory usage.

  1. open up SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  2. connect to your instance
  3. View the properties of your instance
  4. choose the “memory” page
  5. adjust accordingly:


throttling SQL Memory Usage - SharePoint

Next we want to isolate your SharePoint SQL instance.  If you use SQL Server Express and then install SharePoint, you are good to go.  As an all-in-one configuration, SharePoint will automatically install a SQL Server instance for SharePoint.  My feeling is that we should leave this instance to SharePoint for its own purposes.  Any other development should use a separate instance altogether.

Lastly, we want to effectively “Turn Off” SharePoint when we are not using it.  Here’s how:

We will use two PowerShell scripts to automate this for us. First, the Turn-On script:

start-service “mssql$*sharepoint”
start-service SPTimerV4
Start-Service SPUserCodeV4
Start-Service SPTraceV4
Start-Service SPAdminV4
Start-Service OSearch14
Start-Service SPSearch4
start-service W3SVC
IISRESET /timeout:0

The IISRESET command is probably redundant, but I want to make sure all of the services are in a good state.

And the inverse of this…The “Turn Off” script:

stop-service mssql$*sharepoint -force
stop-service SPTimerV4
Stop-Service SPUserCodeV4
Stop-Service SPTraceV4
Stop-Service SPAdminV4
Stop-Service OSearch14
Stop-Service SPSearch4
stop-service W3SVC

Again, the IISRESET command is redundant, but I like it.

And to demonstrate the effects of this, here is a before and after of my workstation performance:


improved workstation performance by adjusting memory consumed by SharePoint

– Marc

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