Android & the Future of Mobile Operating Systems

Daniel Maycock is one of Slalom’s acknowledged thought leaders in the realm of new and emerging technology.

“Schmidt told reporters on the sidelines of an industry conference in Lake Tahoe that Android — a mobile software launched just over a year ago — was gaining momentum in a fiercely competitive tech arena.” –

If what he says is true, and about 200,000 smart phones running android are sold every day, then it’s certainly a growing force that’ll transform the mobile technology space in increasingly powerful ways.

Companies such as Samsung, certainly see the potential for Android, and are aligning their device strategy with Google’s Android OS. (see

Gartner as well predicts that Android will continue to grow, becoming #2 OS after Symbian worldwide by 2014 (see

This makes it more than evident that, even if you don’t completely focus on Android, making it a part of your mobile enterprise toolbox is definitely a good idea going forward.

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About Daniel Maycock
Driven & passionate IT thought leader with several years experience working with companies to help solve their most difficult technology issues. Focus is around successful adoption of emerging technologies, such as Mobile & Cloud technologies, and providing the tools & expertise to help companies successfully adopt these technologies where they make the most business sense.

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