Making the Case for BlackBerry®

Daniel Maycock is one of Slalom’s acknowledged thought leaders in the realm of new and emerging technology.

Though the iPhone is one of the greatest phones from a breadth standpoint, the BlackBerry is a true marvel from a depth standpoint. From being able to do simple things like easily forwarding meeting notices, to checking free/busy calendars from other team members while tracking down a particular attachment from a particular day–though Android & iOS both have exchange integration, there’s just no beating a BlackBerry.

Now the argument is often made around apps, that devices live and die by the developer’s will, and RIM just got all it all wrong around the OS. I say though, in the world of ever increasingly powerful and diverse smart phones, should it not be ok to have a specialist or two? After all, it’s great to have a device that can do everything but during the course of my workday, I just need stay in touch and quickly communicate what’s going on – whether or not the devices has Angry Birds isn’t all that important during the normal course of business.

People often ask me, with all the phones I get to know month to month, what phone is the best. I often reply right back and tell them “whatever phone supports what you’re trying to do with it, the best – that’s the best phone”. Using my torch over the last several days, it dawned on me that though I may not have seamless integration with my car’s audio system, or be able to access any one of a 100+ thousand apps, I can fire off an e-mail or change a meeting around at the drop of a hat – and for me, that’s what I need to do, which makes it the best phone for my 9 to 5 life.

At the end of the day, RIM cares more about the enterprise user and demonstrates that through their full featured exchange integration capabilities, married with BES/BIS, vs the rest of the market leaders which do have exchange integration but lack the same level of feature depth around e-mail, calendaring, and contacts as both Apple & Google are more heavily focused around 3rd party application adoption, or better put, making their phones into mobile PC’s vs simply a PDA. While I’m in between meetings though, a mobile PC isn’t what I need–I have a laptop at my desk. I need a personal assistant to get where I’m headed, what I need to do on the way there, and help me do it in the least amount of time possible–that’s where BlackBerry has yet to let me down.

More than likely though, I’ll be switching back sometime down the road. Mostly because of all the reasons why the iPhone is great–MobileMe integration, a lot of favorite apps that will never move to BlackBerry, seamless integration with my iTunes library, FaceTime, etc. But we’ll see – Once the RIM playbook comes out, Q1 of 2011, I may end up just needing multiple AT&T accounts ☺

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