Slalom Everyone: Quarterly Season

Slalom Consulting's National General Manager John Tobin

John Tobin is Slalom Consulting's National General Manager

Do you like our quarterly meetings ? From early on our goal with the quarterly meetings was to provide a chance for consultants to connect with each other, have fun and be informed a little on some of what is happening with the office and the company. I find them a great chance for me to get a pulse of office morale and culture. I also like being able to get feedback about how we are doing as a company as well as answer questions regarding where we are headed. Mostly though I just continue to be impressed at our ability to hire the best consultants in the business. Over the last 8 days, I attended 3 quarterlies – here are some highlights:

San Francisco–Cool venue at a Tiburon Yacht club. San Francisco has a lot to celebrate as an office and the meeting started with watching a game 2 world series victory. The team has a lot to be proud of given its growth at a run rate which puts it as the second largest office in Slalom. The feeling of winning and pride was readily apparent as various consultants talked about their projects, accounts, charity work, etc. The event ended, as many do in SF at a bar in Pacific Heights called the Final Final–we tend to take over that bar and it always amazes me how many people stay out after the official meeting ends.

Seattle–Unique venue in the South Downtown district in Seattle which had kind of a warehouse/barn feel to it. We played a game to get to know people where you had a celebrity placed on your back and you could only ask Yes/No questions until you figured out who it was. Mine turned out too easy–here were my questions: Entertainer? NO; Sports? YES; Seattle-Based? NO; Football? NO; Basketball? YES; Michael Jordan? YES–6 questions. I met a bunch of new folks and reconnected with people who have been around a while. The market update was presented in a different format than usual–in a game show style. Various Seattle leaders were the panel and the audience picked the best person to answer a question on their behalf (typically regarding the work we were doing at a given account or regarding how well a given practice area was doing). Near the end of the meeting Brad Jackson and I honored three employees who have been with the company for 10 years now: Joe Berg, Liz Frisby and Eric Haywood. We shared a little history of the company and how each one was instrumental for helping pave the way for the success of our company.

Dallas–Venue was in the form of a tail-gate on the rooftop of their parking garage. People wore their college gear and it seems to me that almost everyone in the Dallas office went to a school in Texas (sans a couple of folks who went to Oklahoma). Dallas hired 18 new people in the last two months and they have some amazing projects at incredible companies. The Dallas office is also running at an amazing revenue run-rate: they have tripled since March. It was great to meet the new team-members and see the enthusiasm for Slalom and what we are doing in Dallas.

What was your favorite moment at a quarterly?  Send it to me and perhaps I’ll share in a future Slalom Everyone.

Have a great week-end !

– John Tobin

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