Ideas That Make Technology Powerful

Daniel Maycock is one of Slalom’s acknowledged thought leaders in the realm of new and emerging technology.

In the past several years I’ve been following the mobile industry, I’m often reminded that mobile technology isn’t about simply apps or phone calls, but rather the continued infusion of technology throughout every day life. There is no device that knows a person better than their cellphone, and as that bond continues to build along with the evolution of better technology into smaller and smaller packages, more will be done with a smart phone than ever before thought.

And yet, with all the interest and excitement in this field, Smart phone technology only makes up roughly 28% of all cellphones owned by Americans. This alone may not seem like much of a surprise, but when one considers how much is going on within that 28%, the figure that really seems amazing is the 72% of Americans that have yet to jump on board, and the evolution in service and technology that will occur while the 3 in 4 Americans slowly start to adapt to having connected mobile computers on their person all the time.

Cloud Computing is continuing to be discussed in Mobile technology circles, with the potential to store and interact with information on a cloud hosted solution via a mobile device. From pictures & videos, to business intelligence and power point presentations, imagine the amount of information that will become available when smart phone technology quadruples in size while becoming increasingly more and more powerful.

This wave of change will outpace anything we’ve seen in our life time, and will become the point at which we learned to not just live with technology but co-exist with it. This has both positive and negative potential, but it’s certainly not going to stop or slow down any time soon.

What we’ll start to no doubt see in the years to come is more and more individuals inventing, exploring, and discovering new ways to utilize and interact with information using these powerful inputs into the digital world. The garage inventor will have more tools and abilities at their disposal, and begin to help shape and mold the way in which we utilize global sources of data and information through form factors of all shapes and sizes.

It’s for this reason, that businesses are beginning to take note and seek out knowledgeable expertise on this growing wave of technology, and putting the apps aside for strategies, roadmaps, and insight into where things are headed.

This is why I count myself as lucky, to be working with a group of men and women at Slalom Consulting, because we span the breadth and depth of various technologies then come together to offer up that expertise to our clients as consultants. I can think of no better career to be in right now, than being able to work with companies all over the world in helping to map a course for how to take advantage of this growth in mobile and cloud-based technology.

At the same time, we continue to develop, to build, to explore these technologies and when the time is right, help companies develop software solutions that take full advantage of today’s mobile & cloud technology solutions.

As technology continues to evolve, so will we – because it’s not about the technology or capability of a mobile device that makes it powerful – it’s the ideas that help that technology come alive, that give it strength.

And at Slalom, it’s those ideas, insights, and understanding that gives us the ability to help companies win time and time again, regardless of what kind of technology wrapper it’ll end up coming in.

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About Daniel Maycock
Driven & passionate IT thought leader with several years experience working with companies to help solve their most difficult technology issues. Focus is around successful adoption of emerging technologies, such as Mobile & Cloud technologies, and providing the tools & expertise to help companies successfully adopt these technologies where they make the most business sense.

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