Jeff Barber at the AT&T 2011 Developer Summit

Slalom Consultant Greg Martin

Greg Martin is a member of the Slalom National Mobility team which incubates emerging technology solutions in areas such as mobility, user experience and alternative application hosting.

I’m excited to announce that my colleague, Jeff Barber, will be presenting “Differentiate Apps Using Network Services APIs” at the AT&T 2011 Developer Summit, co-located with CES in Las Vegas on January 5, 2011. Visit event site at to learn more and to register.



AT&T 2011 Developer SummitSession:

Differentiate Apps Using Network Services APIs


Dale Western, Principal Technical Architect, AT&T Mobility and Jeffrey Barber, Business/IT Analyst and Lead Software Engineer, Slalom Consulting


One of the strategies for making money from mobile apps is differentiation from other apps. The AT&T Network Services Gateway offers you a set of capabilities with standards-based web service APIs that help you optimize and differentiate your application. You now have simplified access to core mobile network capabilities using the AT&T Network Services Gateway. Dale Western and Jeffrey Barber are here to tell you about the current and future core set of web service APIs. Using standards-based web service APIs can reduce the complexity of mobile app development. This also avoids limiting your mobile apps by centering on a specific mobile device or native protocol.

When finished, you will have a better understanding of how to make money from your mobile app through using the AT&T Network Services Gateway for optimization and differentiation.


Jeff Barber, a Business/IT Analyst and Lead Software Engineer from Slalom Consulting, provides support to developers building applications that use the AT&T Network Services Gateway. Jeff has played key roles in the launches of consumer and enterprise mobile applications and platforms since 2005.

Dale Western, a Principle Technical Architect from the AT&T Developer Program, focuses on Network Services and their exposure across three screens. Dale participates in a number of forward looking projects while advising existing production efforts at AT&T. Previously, as a consultant, Dale advised and designed the use and management of Network Services for Fortune 100 companies.

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