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Marek Koenig

I’ve always had a difficult time creating a good master / detail report. The biggest problem has been remembering the solution that came out of the trials and tribulations I went through the time before. My train of thought goes through the same varied iterations every time.

I always start off with a single report and two separate tables. This idea works but I can’t dynamically change the parameter of the detail. Then I try using a sub-report, also works but–yet again–I can’t send parameters using a click. Every time, same steps, same frustration.

Then it dawns on me, why not use two separate reports on a single SharePoint page? With that layout a user can click on a part of a chart and it will filter the detail report through a URL query string. Snazzy.

The solution is pretty simple to implement and will allow you to build a quick, interactive dashboard. You may ask yourself: “Wasn’t the last post about this too?”

Yes and no. The last solution did show off a master / detail solution but it was using two different pieces of technology, this one is just reporting services.

The first step is putting together the master report; in this case it will be a pie chart that summarizes sales for the last month by product category.

To create the interactivity between the two reports, add an action to the chart series to go to a URL:

=”{Base Url}/MasterDetail.aspx?Category=” & Fields!ProductCategoryID.Value

As you can see, I’m pointing to a web part page that I’ve created and passing in a parameter for my detail report. I save the report to SharePoint and create a new detail report that shows the sales broken down by quantity and item name. After adding a report parameter for the item category I was done.

Now on the SharePoint site, I need to create a new page, MasterDetail.aspx and add a few web parts to it. I add two Reporting Services web parts and a single Query String URL Filter web part. I configure the Filter web part like so:

Connect the Filter web part to the detail report and the category parameter:

And now you can start click on the chart and watch the detail refresh on the side.

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