Compelling Windows Azure Case Studies

Slalom Consultant Joel Forman

Slalom Consultant Joel Forman specializes in cloud computing and the Windows Azure Platform.

Here are a few case studies, referenced from the Case Studies page on Microsoft’s web site, on the Windows Azure Platform that I found pretty compelling…

Kelly Blue Book:
“Kelley Blue Book sought a solution that would enable it to scale up quickly to meet the capacity demands of its high-traffic Web site and reduce its dependency on costly hardware.  The site has 14 million visitors each month; one out of three car shoppers in the United States uses Kelley Blue Book to conduct online research before making a vehicle purchase.  Kelley Blue Book decided to migrate to the Windows Azure Platform.  The company is moving all 27 Web servers and nine SQL Server databases to the cloud with Windows Azure, giving Kelley Blue Book the flexibility to redeploy those servers for other company needs without additional infrastructure investments.”

T-Mobile: Family Room
“T-Mobile based its new Family Room application on Windows Phone 7 and the Windows Azure platform.  By streamlining the development process and taking advantage of cloud-based computing services, the company was ready to launch the application within two months.  With the Windows Azure platform, T-Mobile offers customers levels of protection that include private key encryption and data centers with multiple security controls and certifications.”

Xerox: Cloud Print
“Xerox used the Windows Azure Platform to create Xerox Cloud Print, a cloud-based printing service that allows mobile workers to print to any available public printer from their mobile devices.  It was important that Xerox Cloud Print have relational capabilities as well as dynamic database scalability. The team ended up selecting Microsoft SQL Azure, a cloud-based relational database service built on SQL Server technologies and part of the Windows Azure platform.”

Siemens: Software Distribution System
“To deliver software more efficiently, reduce costs, and get more complex software packages to more devices, Siemens wanted to expand the capacity of its software distribution system.  Siemens used the Windows Azure™ platform to deliver software packages from a central Internet-based storage location to thousands of devices for many different customers.  The company can now replace the existing software distribution system and VPN connections with a new multi-component software distribution service hosted on the Windows Azure platform.”

Microsoft: Bing Maps
“In 2009, the Bing Maps team started using the Windows Azure Content Delivery Network. The network, which initially started as a service for internal teams at Microsoft to use, enables customers to cache and deliver content at strategically placed locations around the globe. The Content Delivery Network, which also hosts content for, MSN, and other Microsoft services, is now available to the public as part of the Windows Azure platform.  After implementing the Content Delivery Network, the Bing Maps team saw a significant improvement in application performance. Bing Maps also reduced the latency issues by caching image tiles and its API control at strategically placed geographic locations”

Again, these case studies were taken from

– Joel

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About Joel Forman
Joel Forman is a Solution Architect at Slalom Consulting and specializes in cloud computing and the Windows Azure Platform.

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