The Mysteries Behind Aligning Visio Images

Marek Koenig specializes in Business Intelligence, SharePoint and Custom Development.

Marek Koenig

A colleague of mine recently reminded me of an issue I ran into when building out a dashboard with Visio. He was having issues aligning Visio charts with other web parts; It appeared that when a Visio web part was used on a page, it would have an arbitrary amount of canvas space around the image. He had seemingly tried everything, except for starting over.

I had this exact same issue, and it almost drove me mad figuring out what I could do to fix it. I attempted to change several properties on the web part itself, such as: Overriding the Web Drawing’s default initial view; disabling zooming; and, disabling panning. Then just for the heck of it, I open up Visio itself and think I might have some luck there.

First things first, I save the file. To my surprise the canvas area changes once again, but this time it at least looks a little bit familiar. I switch back to Visio and I notice that layout in the web part matches exactly the layout in Visio. It seems that the vdw holds onto some view state information. This makes no sense to me, but I test out my hypothesis by scrolling up in Visio and give myself about 3 inches of canvas space.

Canvas space above in Visio

Canvas space above in Visio

I hit save and refresh my SharePoint page, I’m astounded to see that the changes have been carried through.

Canvas space above

Canvas space above

I go back to Visio and align the canvas with the top of the window and save.

Visio aligned with top

Visio aligned with top

Lo and behold, my web part page is all fixed. The lesson learned from this small exercise is that you should never give up and don’t be ashamed to try oddball solutions.

Visio aligned in SharePoint

Visio aligned in SharePoint

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About marek koenig
Microsoft consultant specializing in BI, SharePoint and custom development.

2 Responses to The Mysteries Behind Aligning Visio Images

  1. Hannah says:

    Very helpful and nice to confirm that it works this way for someone else!

  2. marek koenig says:

    This was a very frustrating issue for me, glad I could help.

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