Celebrating 10 Years with Slalom Consulting

Thane Liffick, Managing Director in Slalom Consulting’s Seattle office and one of the firm’s first 15 consultants, shares a few highlights he’s experienced while working at Slalom over the past decade.

Thane Liffick, Managing Director of Slalom's Seattle Office

Thane Liffick is a Managing Director in Slalom Consulting’s Seattle office focusing on telecom and healthcare. With over 10 years consulting experience at Slalom, Thane is helping to grow the firm’s team of consultants and drive new areas of growth.

When I started at Slalom Consulting (then Two Degrees Consulting), we had one primary client and 16 consultants. What an energizing ride it has been to help build an award winning practice of 360+ consultants in Seattle (and over 1800 nationwide)!

Why did I take a gamble on a small consulting firm that no one had heard of? It was the founding leaders’ vision to build a better consulting firm, one that truly put our clients’ needs first with local, top talent at the center of our model. Why do I stay? We are authentic to our original vision which positively impacts clients’ and consultant lives. In the cold world of business, clients and consultants want to have meaningful relationships and partnerships that transcend work. And, a decade later, we hold true to our original vision.

What have been some of the highlights?

  • In my first year, taking the account lead for a prominent wireless telecommunications company and help diversify our account foot print which now includes top enterprises nationwide.
  • Collaborating with our client to create a knock it out of the park team to launch Verizon® V CAST, the first video streaming application, in 2005.
  • Scuba diving at 10pm on dark, cold Lake Sammamish as part of our first Slalom Video—(that is what I get for telling Brad Jackson I had a free weekend).
  • Refining Slalom’s recruiting process and defining our hiring approach which has been the engine for building offices of incredibly talented and diverse consultants.
  • Working with a forward-thinking, optimistic, and high-integrity leadership team that sets aggressive goals then exceeds them.
  • Supporting and building friendships with consultants and seeing them skillfully navigate and deliver clients’ strategic projects, and building lasting relationships along the way.
  • Having the flexibility to spend quality time with my two daughters, 4 and 6, and my wife.

I’m not going to predict what the next 10 years will bring, but I do know what has made us successful is what will drive our future. We live our values. We put our clients first. Our decisions are made with the best interests of our consultants as the driver.

The future will hold challenges, growth, change, innovation, and opportunity. Our current team of consultants and leaders, guided by our vision, will make the next 10 years even more impactful!

Visit Slalom.com to learn more about Slalom Consulting and how we can help your business better succeed. Check out our Working At section to see available opportunities, our community work, and to find out more about becoming a part of the Slalom team.

About Thane Liffick
Thane Liffick is a Managing Director in Seattle. Having consulted and led at Slalom for over 10 years, he is one of the original 15 consultants. His current focus is telecom, healthcare, hiring and growing energizing consultants and driving new areas of growth.

One Response to Celebrating 10 Years with Slalom Consulting

  1. Nicey Hilton says:

    A few years ago, I encouraged a client to work for Slalom. Three years later, he still loves the work, the people, the clients and feels like Slalom really walks the talk and “lives its values”. Tomorrow, I’m meeting with one of your recruiters to find out about Client Services roles. Keep up the great work, and hope I can support you!

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