How does your organization manage lead generation?

Brian Ladyman

Brian Ladyman

Do sales and marketing teams in your organization agree on the definition of a “lead”? Does your organization have clearly defined processes and handoffs between sales and marketing through your lead pipeline? Or has your organization solved these issues, no longer leaving money on the table?

In B2B companies, we’ve seen the tension between sales and marketing around lead generation create significant inefficiencies. Often, we’ve seen clients attempt to solve those inefficiencies by implementing a CRM system. However, technology is just a part of the solution.

We are interested in learning more about the extent of the tension between sales and marketing in your organization. We’ve launched a survey asking sales and marketing professionals to provide their insights on how their organization is managing the lead generation process. If you could take 5-7 minutes to complete a 20 question survey telling us how this tension has impacted your organization, we’d be happy to share what we learn. If you’re interested, please submit your email at the end of the survey to receive the aggregate survey findings and analysis.

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