How to improve the performance of your Tableau dashboards

Dan Montgomery, Slalom Consulting

Dan Montgomery

So you’ve made Tableau part of your corporate BI stack; planned your Tableau architecture; strategized your deployment; and integrated Tableau into your data governance program. Congratulations! You’ve laid a strong foundation for Tableau success in your enterprise. But there’s still this nagging feeling that something is missing…

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Microsoft BI helps look into the past, present, and future

Dan Montgomery_headshot

Dan Montgomery

A nationally known shopping mall owner/operator partnered with Slalom Consulting to design, develop, execute, and continue to evolve a state of the art, centralized Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and reporting/analytics platform. After transitioning from a legacy platform to a Microsoft based EDW, the client was able to leverage the entire suite of reporting/analysis tools in the Microsoft BI stack, including direct integration with the MS Office suite and SharePoint. These tools have given Slalom Consulting the ability to deliver unique, insight-driven projects that focus on not only providing a historical view of data, but also an ongoing look into the future of the company’s financials.  Read more of this post

Six improvements to Tableau Server 8.1

Dan Montgomery_headshot

Daniel Montgomery

Gabriel Gejman’s last post covered some of the upcoming improvements for Tableau Desktop 8.1 and 8.2 that were announced at this year’s Tableau Customer Conference. Not to be outshined, Tableau Server also has a number of new features and enhancements coming down the pike. Here’s six enhancements to look forward to in Tableau Server. Read more of this post

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