Compliance, meet marketing

Denis Farmer is Managing Director of Slalom Consulting's Financial Services Network.

Denis Farmer

New Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations are creating both challenges and opportunities for financial institutions such as retail banks and credit unions. While some may strive only to meet the regulations, chief compliance officers that go beyond can transform compliance investments into an engine for business value creation.

Learn how credit unions and retail banks can take steps now to develop a strategic and effective complaint management solution that includes both the compliance and marketing departments. As a result, they can meet CFPB regulations as well as tap into the opportunities and insights gleaned from customer and member data.

Empowering CFOs with rich insights that drive profitability

Keith Roberts

Keith Roberts

As I meet clients across all of our markets, I’m constantly amazed at the rapidly changing role of financial executives. Today they have more complex responsibilities than ever before, and in many cases are being asked to lead strategic decision-making efforts that impact the long-term performance and profitability of their businesses. This places finance executives in the unique position to both valuate the current performance of their companies and also to advise operational leaders on possible strategic initiatives to drive growth. To successfully achieve both of these objectives, finance executives must access key financial and operational data to gain deeper insights into their day-to-day operations. Read more of this post

Innovating Today’s Insurance Industry

Slalom Consultant Denis Farmer

Denis Farmer

With the continued growth of motorcycle insurance for property and casualty (P&C) insurance companies, it’s more critical than ever for carriers to develop sophisticated products that ensure long-term profitability and market competitiveness. To meet this need, Slalom Consulting has developed a flexible Motorcycle Symbol File, specifically designed to help improve products, pricing, underwriting, and the loss experience for insurance carriers that offer insurance for motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATVs. Read more of this post

Local Students Learn Financial Basics Through the BECU mLevel™ Challenge

Justin Jarrett has been with Slalom Consulting in Seattle since 2003 and is the Practice Area Lead for mobile solutions.

by Justin Jarrett

“OK everyone, quiet down please. BECU and Slalom Consulting are with us again today, please give them your attention,” said Ms. Morgan as her bustling class of students at Kent-Meridian High School got settled in the classroom.

During the past three weeks, many of my mornings have started in a similar fashion. I’ve visited nine Puget Sound-area high school classrooms to help BECU augment its in-class presentations with an innovative gamification solution—the BECU mLevel™ Challenge. The educational application was built by Slalom, is hosted on Microsoft Windows Azure, and includes three 90-second financial literacy games. Read more of this post

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