Slalom dreams big with 24-hour Tableau hackathon

James Young Headshot_cropped

James Young

Slalom came out in a big way for Dreamforce ‘13, joining the throngs of 130,000+ cloud enthusiasts and industry leaders for an epic week of inspiration, collaboration, networking, and innovation.

I was wowed by what our strategic partners had on tap for the event. Tableau had an incredible showing, complete with an interactive booth, daily Tableau talks, a Speakeasy lounge, and expert-led sessions on everything from dynamic data storytelling to embedding live dashboards into Salesforce. The Tableau crew’s passion for changing the way we see and understand data is nothing if not contagious. Read more of this post

Catering to the king: leveraging advanced analytics in a customer-centric economy

Saken Kulkarni

Saken Kulkarni

Fifteen years ago, sellers ruled the retail landscape, freely proposing the price for goods and services dictated by market or, very often, themselves. This “take it or leave it” attitude prevailed because customers had few resources to counter prices and shop around.

Today, the environment has changed. A customer looking to buy golf clubs for a weekend getaway can comparison shop on eBay or Amazon, and then post a comment on Facebook asking for opinions. The customer can then browse reviews of local driving ranges on Yelp to try out his or her new purchase. The proliferation of social media, ecommerce platforms, and mobile usage has created an ultra-educated class of consumers and has allowed the customer to have ultimate control of his or her purchasing decisions. The retail landscape has dramatically changed—the customer is now king. Read more of this post

Mobile Business Intelligence (MBI): fact-based decision making

Ryan McNaught

In the United States, we’ve reached a tipping point: more than 61% of companies—up from 52% in 2010[1]—now rank MBI as a critical or very important priority. As the mobile workplace grows, industries must develop new ways to deliver information into the hands of decision makers.

CIOs generally understand that MBI is not simply a mobile version of traditional BI. Rather, there are fundamental differences between consuming data at a workstation versus on the go. To build successful projects, companies need to take these unique considerations into account. Read more of this post

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