Self-service headcount analytics using Microsoft BI: salary analysis

Mike Burger Slalom Consulting

Mike Burger

In many companies, executives are often concerned about employee turnover. In this scenario, employee exit surveys have revealed that the staff and managers have stated that their salaries are lower than the market averages, and that the only reason they are leaving is due to significant salary increases. An HR analyst has been tasked with using both internal and external data to confirm or deny this theory. The salary analysis below was built using the Microsoft BI solution stack and can be implemented with any company that captures employee salary information. Read more of this post

Self-service headcount analytics using Microsoft BI: payroll analysis

Dan Bassett

Dan Bassett

As a CFO, you are responsible for budgeting and forecasting. Your organization’s ability to accurately budget and forecast helps drive investor and stakeholder confidence. In theory, one of the more basic costs to budget should be your employees and payroll, right?

You know how many employees you have, their relative cost, and how many employees you plan to hire. You also probably know how frustrating it can be to review monthly headcount cost reports (budget vs. actual) that contain large unexplainable variances throughout the year. Read more of this post

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