What you need to know about designing dashboards for the C-suite

Nelson Davis

Nelson Davis

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Word of the awesome Tableau work you’ve been doing for your company has made it to the highest level of leadership. When you present your work, it will be the first time the C-suite has seen anything related to Tableau, visual analytics, and these beautiful new dashboards. We all know that you only get one shot to make a first impression and that this is bigger than you or even your group. This presentation will likely determine the long-term future of Tableau as a tool at your company. Are you feeling any pressure? Follow these four tips and you, your work, and Tableau will shine like the stars. Read more of this post

Slalom dreams big with 24-hour Tableau hackathon

James Young Headshot_cropped

James Young

Slalom came out in a big way for Dreamforce ‘13, joining the throngs of 130,000+ cloud enthusiasts and industry leaders for an epic week of inspiration, collaboration, networking, and innovation.

I was wowed by what our strategic partners had on tap for the event. Tableau had an incredible showing, complete with an interactive booth, daily Tableau talks, a Speakeasy lounge, and expert-led sessions on everything from dynamic data storytelling to embedding live dashboards into Salesforce. The Tableau crew’s passion for changing the way we see and understand data is nothing if not contagious. Read more of this post

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