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Joseph Logan

Temptations of a Strategist (and 3 Ways to Overcome Them)

Joseph Logan | March 6, 2013
“Strategist” is a sexy label. It means that you are a decision maker—a big-picture thinker. You are someone who shapes the future. >>>

Slalom Consultant Denis Farmer

Innovating the Insurance Industry

Denis Farmer | March 1, 2013
With the continued growth of motorcycle insurance for property and casualty (P&C) insurance companies, it’s more critical than ever for carriers to develop sophisticated products that ensure long-term profitability and market competitiveness. >>>

What We Mean When We Talk About Strategy Execution

Joseph Logan | February 26, 2013
“We’ve been about as clear as we can be about our strategy. Why don’t these people get it?” The CFO didn’t mean it as an insult. It sounded more like a plea. >>>


When Structured Query Language (SQL) Becomes Spaghetti Query Language

David Van De Sompele | February 22, 2013
Spaghetti code is a derogatory term for poorly written source code that contains a tangled and complex control structure and is prone to errors that are often difficult to find, correct, and modify. >>>

Slalom Consultant Carl Manello

The Art of Project Management: Governance

Carl Manello | February 21, 2013
The parallels are easy: a large-scale, enterprise-wide business initiative is like a war. Sometimes it can be a death march. Sometimes it can be a victorious success. >>>

Slalom Consulting Roger KastnerWhy Projects Succeed: Organizational Change Management

Roger Kastner | February 20, 2013
Is change management or project management more critical to project success? Before you answer, let me tell you about two examples that might impact your response. >>>

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